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In California, official legal notices and legal advertising can be published only in a newspaper of general circulation adjudicated by a court of law. Whether a publication chooses to seek adjudication as a newspaper under the traditional criteria of Government Code Section 6000 or the alternative criteria of Government Code Section 6008, the publisher would be wise to choose an attorney skilled in this niche area of law. Indeed, many newspapers find themselves in contact with attorneys with no experience in this specialized  area of law with traps for the unwary. This is all too common as there are only a handful of experts on newspaper adjudications in California.

In fact, this area of law is so uncommon that most judges who rule on these petitions have never addressed this area of law in their many decades in the law. In turn, the courts are likely to trust the reasonable statutory interpretations set forth by a counselor with experience in newspaper of general circulation litigation.

This is where Talkov Law will make the difference. Indeed, we have handled dozens of newspaper of general circulation petitions on behalf of petitioners and newspaper of general circulation contestants alike. Often times, we have petitions pending in multiple courts throughout Southern California at any given time. The efficiency and knowledge we provide is to the benefit of our clients, and to the detriment of any competing newspaper that may seek to contest a newspaper of general circulation petition.

Experience will make the difference in this area of law, which has generated only about 100 published cases in the 100-plus-year history of this area of law. Hiring an attorney who understands the nuances of each of these 100 cases and the application of those cases where the facts may present a unique challenge will mean that your position is clearly understood by the court.

Even further, our experience means an efficient result. It is not truly possible for an attorney to read and understand each of the 100 cases in this area of law at minimal client expense unless they have previously represented newspapers in seeking adjudication. With experience on behalf of petitions and contestants, we know the questions that have been answered and those that have not, ensuring effective advocacy for your newspaper.

We have represented newspapers of national, regional and local prominence throughout Southern California. This means we have obtained or opposed adjudication orders throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura counties. Judges in each of these counties have trusted our experience.

Our Newspaper of General Circulation Practices

Our practices for newspapers throughout the state include the following:

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Becoming an adjudicated newspaper in California is the key to financial success. This way, your publication can obtain lucrative city legal advertising, trustee sales and probate notices, among other legal notices. Once your publication is adjudicated, you’ll wonder how your business operated before you were entitled to run legal advertising.

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