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Marriage of Mullonkal & Kodiyamplakkil – Family Code 2641 Requires Reimbursement to the Community for Separate Debt Payments During Marriage

The Community is Entitled to Reimbursement in Divorce for Funds Used to Pay Separate Property Student Loan Debt During Marriage [Family Code § 2641] In the California Appellate Court’s 2020 par...

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Nicole G. v. Braithwaite – Domestic Violence Prevention Act and Family Code 6340, 6321, & 6324 Authorize Family Court to Order Restrained Party to Move Out of Property

The California Appellate Court’s 2020 decision in Braithwaite (certified for publication on June 3, 2020, docket number B294228) affirmed a Los Angeles County Superior Court ruling that the Dome...

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Divorce During Coronavirus: A Growing Trend for California Couples Suffering Together in Quarantine

Inland Empire Family Attorney Advises Couples on Divorce During Coronavirus Governor Newsom’s March 19, 2020 order for Californians to “stay-at-home” to slow the spread of COVID-19 w...

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Community Real Property in California Divorce: What You Need to Know

How to Protect Your Rights in The Sale of Real Property in California Divorce During the divorce process, spouses often find themselves in a position to sell a piece of community real property (i.e. a...

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