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Stipulation for School Communication Talkov Law

Stipulation for School Communication with Step-Parents and Grandparents [Educational Rights Stipulation Example Form Template]

Generally, California schools can only communicate with birth parents about any issues or concerns regarding their children as a result of certain privacy laws. Problems can arise when involved caregivers who are not biological parents, such as step-parents, grandparents, or other third parties, are not allowed to communicate with the school. This privacy law often … Read More

Supervised Visitation California Custody

Supervised Visitation FAQs

Supervised Visitation FAQs What is Supervised Visitation? The public policy of the State of California is to protect the best interests of children whose parents have a custody or visitation case within the family courts. Custodial stability, continuity, and a loving parent-child relationship have been classified as the most important criteria for determining a child’s … Read More

How to Register and Modify an Out-of-State Child Custody Order in California

How to Register and Modify an Out-of-State Child Custody Order in California

Parents are sometimes involved in a custody dispute that involves more than one state. Another state might issue a child custody order, but the child and/or a parent is in California. Registering an out-of-state custody order is a necessary step before a parent can seek enforcement or modification of the order. Find out how to … Read More

child custody guide for dads fathers rights attorney

Child Custody Guide for Dads

California family law judges try to ensure that the decisions they make are in the best interest of the children involved. In the absence of concerns such as abuse or substance use issues, when awarding full custody to one parent is best, this often means maintaining contact and relationships with both parents. A Father’s Guide … Read More

Child Custody Working Parents Schedules

Child Custody for Working Parents in California

Can My Work Schedule Impact Child Custody? Determining what child custody arrangement is best for your family can be difficult. One common issue is child custody for working parents. This can be true whether the work schedule(s) involved are traditional (i.e. Monday-Friday) or non-traditional (i.e. night work or weekend shifts). Can I Lose Child Custody … Read More

Child Custody Rights for Unmarried Parents in California

California’s Child Custody Rights for Unmarried Parents [FAQ’s]

Establishing paternity – or determining “who is the father?” – plays a key role in legal issues such as child support. Unfortunately, establishing paternity may be more complicated than it seems. There are numerous issues that determine the child custody rights for unmarried parents and a variety of parenthood circumstances that determine whether a parent … Read More

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