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Our experienced family law firm featuring California Attorney Colleen Sparks seeks to understand the way you think and feel about your case to assist you in resolving your family and custody disputes. Our knowledgeable attorneys practice in the following areas:

The American model for resolving legal disputes is an adversarial system involving high conflict.  This may protect the interests of business litigants in civil court but tends to ignore the consequences of making a contest over every issue to individuals and families in the family law setting.  It encourages otherwise decent people to become obsessed with “winning” often at the expense of everyone involved, resulting in a black hole of vicious unproductive litigation.

Attorney Colleen Sparks
Family Law Attorney Colleen Sparks, Family Law Practice Group Chair

Whether the adversarial system is ideal for resolving family law disputes is a query best left to the philosophers. The more relevant question is how do you reach the end of a family law case without falling prey to the pitfalls of adversarial litigation? There is no one answer to this question, but one solution is having the right attorney by your side.  The right attorney can guide you through your family law case, productively reaching settlements outside of court when possible and vigorously advocating for your interest in court when appropriate.

Our firm understands that not every case needs to be high conflict, and we work with our clients to achieve personalized resolutions to their problems. When settlement is impossible or unfavorable, we are also skilled trial attorneys who are ready to fight for our clients.

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Ultimately, we strive to craft the best legal strategy tailored to each case, while steering clear of tactics that would unnecessarily drive up the cost of litigation. Our attorneys are responsive, prepared, and appropriately aggressive from start to finish.

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When dealing with a family law issue such as child custody, property division or divorce, having an experienced family law lawyer in Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside on your side can make a huge difference. Our family attorneys in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County have helped families, parents, children and divorcing couples throughout California.

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