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There is no happier place on earth than the inside of a courtroom at the final stage of the adoption process, the hearing. During that hearing, the adoptive parent(s) and child(ren) (if over the age of 12) formally consent to become lawful members of the same family. The proceedings are informal; family and friends may move about the courtroom to view the proceedings and photographs may be taken, as the new family embraces.

Adoption Laws in California – Family Code § 8500 – § 9240

Adoption is the legal process of establishing a legal parent-child relationship when the adopting parent is not the child’s biological or birth parent. Once the adoption is final, the adoptive parent(s) have all the legal rights, duties, and responsibilities of any other biological or natural parent. That new parent-child relationship is permanent and is exactly the same as that of a birth family under the law.

This means that if the adoptive parent(s) later decide to get a divorce, legal separation or commit domestic violence, the same child custody disputes can arise as do between two biological parents.

The process required to complete a legal adoption in California depends on the particular facts of a given case, as these facts determine what type of adoption is being sought.

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Types of Adoptions in California

  • Step-Parent Adoption – Where a step-parent seeks to legally adopt their spouse’s child (Cal Fam. Code § 9000 – § 9007).
  • Close Relative & Grandparent Adoption – Where a relative or grandparent seeks to adopt the child of their close relative or child (Cal Fam. Code § 8730(a)(2)).
  • Private Placement Adoption – Where the birth mother/parents choose the future-parents who will adopt her/their child (Cal Fam. Code § 8801).
  • Agency Adoption – Where an adoption agency helps a future-parent to adopt a child (Cal Fam. Code § 8700).
  • International Adoption – Where a future-parent seeks to adopt a child born in another country (Cal Fam. Code § 8900).
  • Foster Care Adoption – Where a future-parent seeks to adopt a child in foster care (Cal Fam. Code § 8730(a)(1)).
  • Adult Adoption – Where an adult seeks to adopt another adult.  Most commonly, to formalize an existing step-parent relationship or another close, but informal, parent-child relationship (Cal Fam. Code § 9320 – § 9328).

Riverside Adoption Attorneys Combining Knowledge & Skill With Compassion & Dedication

No matter the part you play in the adoption process, it is an emotional and stressful process from beginning to end.  This is true whether you are a natural parent looking to place your baby up for adoption, a future parent looking to adopt a child, a step-parent seeking to adopt a step-child, or a child at the center of it all. Our experience inside and outside of the courtroom allows us to consistently deliver exceptional results for the families we represent.  Our Riverside custody attorneys are interested in finding tailored solutions to each family’s problems, using the facts and investigative tactics necessary to produce real-time solutions for our clients.

Our Riverside adoption attorneys will advise you every step of the way, so this emotional process becomes less daunting, and you can get to that adoption day in the courtroom faster.

If you have questions about the adoption process or are dealing with legal issues related to an ongoing or already completed adoption, including post-separation child support issues, it is important to know that a Riverside adoption attorney can help.

Contact Our Experienced Riverside, California Adoption Attorney Now

Future parents, step-parents, and natural parents can rely on the experience of our Riverside adoption attorneys in obtaining the results they seek. Our Southern California family law firm fights hard to make the legal system work for our clients. We understand that the adoption process is emotional for all involved, and we’re here to help. Contact our accomplished and dedicated Riverside adoption lawyers today by calling 951-888-3300 to learn how our experienced adoption attorney, Colleen Sparks, can guide you through the court process in a prompt and clear manner.

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