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Real estate in California presents unique legal challenges that require an experienced attorney specializing in real estate law. Whether you are owning, renting, managing, investing in, improving, or otherwise involved in real estate, disputes will eventually arise. Talkov Law represents buyers, sellers, owners, co-owners, landlords, tenants, property managers, escrow companies, brokers, agents, banks, mortgage lenders, hard money lenders, contractors, developers, professional liability insurers and more.

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Our goal in every real estate case is to achieve an optimal result by advancing my clients’ interests as efficiently as possible. We accomplish this goal by developing a creative litigation strategy by applying our attention to detail to our years of experience in both the real estate and legal industries.

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Experienced Real Estate Attorneys Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Jose, Sacramento, and Surrounding Areas in California

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes often require the intervention of skilled real estate lawyers to assess the alleged-wrongdoing and determine the optimal outcome.

Purchase and Sale of Real Property Agreement Disputes, Including Specific Performance

Real Estate Agent, Broker, and Independent Contractor Disputes

Real Estate Financing and Trust Deed Litigation

Real Estate Business Disputes

Liens and Judgment Liens, Including Sheriff Levies on Real Property

Foreclosure Issues

Lis Pendens and Expungement of Notices of Pending Action

Partition Law

Co-ownership of real estate presents challenges, with partition law allowing the termination of the co-ownership relationship.

Disputes between Co-Owners of Real Estate, Tenants-in-Common and Joint Tenants

Forced Sales of Real Estate

Litigating Offsets for Payments of Mortgage, Taxes, Repairs and Insurance

Recovery of Attorney’s Fees Against Co-Owners

Quiet Title Actions

Our lawyers assist when disputes arise as to the nature and extent of ownership of real property.

Ownership Disputes

Title Insurances Issues

Title Defects

Easement Disputes

Boundary & Lot Line Disputes

Grant Deed and Quitclaim Deed Issues, Disputes and Litigation

Real Estate Frauds, Scams & Negligence

The complexities of real estate allow for numerous frauds to be committed by sellers, landlords and others, while also causing parties to allege intentional wrongdoing when mistakes occur.

Misrepresentation and Nondisclosure of Sale, Leasing, Financing, Management, and Contracting

Defense of Sellers and Brokers in Alleged Non-Disclosure Cases

Escrow Frauds, Scams & Mistakes

Professional Negligence by Brokers, Escrows, and Other Real Estate Professionals

Fraudulent Transfers and Conveyances under California’s Uniform Voidable Transactions Act

Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial real estate law requires expertise in numerous disciplines and an understanding of the business goals advanced by various parties to a dispute.

Commercial Purchase and Sale Disputes

Commercial Real Estate Frauds

Commercial Real Estate Financing Disputes

Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Law

Our lawyers understand the challenges of both commercial landlords and tenants.

Commercial Unlawful Detainers

Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial Rental Deposit Disputes

Commercial Lease Terminations

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