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Commercial real estate law deals with regulations, statutes, property law and common law surrounding commercial properties. Commercial real estate transactions consist of a wide range of matters involving the purchase, development, financing, construction, litigation, sale and leasing of commercial properties. A skilled commercial real estate attorney can help address any potential issues and minimize risk.

Common commercial real estate issues include:

What is The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate?

Residential Real Estate involve family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes.

Commercial Real Estate involve complexes that has more than four units like office, retail, industrial, and special purpose buildings.

A residential real estate transaction, like purchasing a standard family home, is rather straightforward. Whereas, purchasing a commercial real estate involves many complexities that may require a commercial real estate attorney to help fine-comb the details. In addition, mandatory disclosures and consumer protections of residential real estate transactions may not apply to commercial transactions, which is why there is additional risk involved. In comparison to a residential real estate transaction, there is a higher level of intricacy and added risk with a commercial property transaction. Even after the transaction has closed, parties may discover that the property was not as represented by the seller.

What Reasons Are There to Hire a Commercial Property Lawyer?

A commercial real estate transaction can be complex. There are several reasons why you should hire a commercial real estate attorney when buying or selling commercial real estate. They advise clients on legal issues that may be involved in the property transaction. They review zoning ordinances, purchase agreements, mortgage information as well as closing documents. An experienced commercial property lawyer is essential in negotiating complex contracts, protecting the buyer’s or seller’s interest and minimizing risk. Even further, disputes often arise in a transaction where a commercial real estate attorney can assist to bring about an end to the matter.

It is important to hire an attorney specializing in commercial property who is familiar with the local area. Complex laws govern small communities, large cities and states, therefore it is essential that a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney is hired in order to represent your best interest in securing the deal you desire.

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