Important Child Custody Laws in California Attorney Family Lawyer

Complete List of Important Child Custody Laws in California [Must Know California Family Code Sections]

Complete List of the Most Important Child Custody Laws in California Truth be told, not every California law having to do with child custody regularly comes up in family court. Like any other body of law, California child custody law consists of a handful of highly litigated sections nestled between a whole slew of oft … Read More

Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With California Custody Attorney Lawyer

The Role of a Child’s Preference in California Custody Cases

How Much Weight Does the California Family Court Place on a Child’s Preference in Custody Determinations?

How to Get More Visitation with Your Child California Custody Attorney Modification Lawyer

The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Get More Visitation Time with Your Child in California

The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Get More Visitation Time with Your Child in California.

Legal Custody Physical Custody Family Law California Lawyer Attorney

Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody – The Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody of a Child in California

A Beginner’s Guide to Custody: Everything you need to know about the difference between legal custody and physical custody of a child in California.

make joint child custody work lawyer california family law attorney

10 Tips for Parents with Joint Child Custody in California

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Parents Sharing Joint Custody of a Child! Just because you failed as a couple, doesn’t mean you have to fail as co-parents!

Common Child Custody Arrangements california lawyer attorney

The Best Child Custody Arrangements in California

Learn about the pros and cons of the most common child custody arrangements and visitation schedules in California.

child custody mediation california lawyer family law attorney

How to “Win” Child Custody Mediation in California [Child Custody Recommending Counseling Tips]

Everything You Need to Know About Child Custody Mediation in California in One Place!

california fathers rights lawyer family law attorney

Father’s Rights in California: Do Family Courts Favor Mothers in Custody Cases?

Aren’t Father’s Rights just Parental Rights? Do Mothers Have Special Rights? Are Mothers and Fathers Treated Fairly in California Family Courts? Find Out Here!

parental alienation child custody lawyer california inland empire family law attorney

What is Parental Alienation, How to Prove it, and What to Do About it in California Family Court

What is parental alienation? How do you prove parental alienation is occurring? How do you stop parental alienation? These questions and more answered!

child custody lawyer family law attorney riverside california inland empire

Child Custody Agreement Free Template California [Joint Custody Form Stipulation Example]

Skilled Family Law Attorney Creates the Ultimate Child Custody Agreement and Reveals it for Free! Discover the Reliable and Convenient Template Today.

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